Smith Fork Ventures, Inc. (Smith Fork) was formed for the primary purpose of investing in and developing start-up and early stage companies (from seed capital to 2nd round financing). While early stage companies are the focus, investments at all stages of a company's development are considered.

Smith Fork typically considers investments in companies that have the following attributes: innovative technology that addresses unmet or underserved customer needs; large or growing markets; a distinct competitive or durable first mover advantage; significant barriers to entry; moderate capital requirements; availability of significant equity positions for investors; and an opportunity to become a market leader.

Smith Fork's preference is to take a leading and active role in guiding a company with the goal of maximizing value for both the entrepreneurs and the investors. The Smith Fork team's experience in successfully growing a company at a rapid pace, along with their professional skills, provides a solid foundation on which to build a business and overcome the obstacles that face early stage companies.

However, passive investments will also be considered. Smith Fork holds an interest in Main Street Media, a Tennessee-based newspaper publishing and commercial printing business with papers in Florida and Tennessee.

The initial investment typically considered by Smith Fork ranges from $500,000 to $5 million for an early stage company, inclusive of subsequent rounds. Larger investments and investments or acquisitions related to later stage companies are considered on a case by case basis.

Business plans may be submitted by e-mail or post. A plan should include, at a minimum, an executive summary discussing the opportunity, bios of the owners and key employees along with their role in the organization (investor, advisor, director, employee, etc.), description of the market opportunity and how the company plans to exploit it, competitor analysis, capital needs and expected uses and financial projections for three to five years. Send your plan in electronic form to (remove 'REALMAILONLY.').

The business plan will be reviewed by the principals of Smith Fork. Generally, we will respond within two weeks of receipt indicating whether there is interest in the plan. If further investigation is desired, a meeting will be arranged to further explore the opportunity. With continued interest, Smith Fork would perform initial due diligence to gain a full understanding of the business and its market. This process will usually take three to six weeks.